What Causes Anxiety Disorder?

Wednesday, June 12th 2013. | Psychiatry

Anxiety causes | Anxiety and panic disorders have been becoming more common in this day and age because of so many reasons. Once you suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, you might have to get some help at health center because it will only make your life a living hell because will never enjoy your life to the fullest and because you will never feel at peace in your life. Actually, there are many types of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder or as we call it OCD, social anxiety disorder, phobias, and even post traumatic stress disorder. If you ask people whether they want to recover from these mental illnesses then the answer will all be yes because it is torturous.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

They vary depending on the type of anxiety disorder you suffer but in general, the symptoms are such as feeling panic and uneasy most of the time, dry mouth in several cases , dizziness, nausea, having obsessive and also uncontrollable thoughts that might appear at any time, nightmares, an inability to be calm and still just like a normal person that can control their motorist behaviors and mental thoughts, cold hands and feet, sleep deprived, palpitations, and repeating behaviors such as hand washing especially people with OCD, and many more.

anxiety causes

The Causes

What are the anxiety causes? After you learn about the symptoms, it is also better for you to know about the background of anxiety disorder and what things that can lead someone to suffer such mental illness. There are at least two types of factors that can cause anxiety disorder. It can be an intrinsic factor such as changes in brain, personal weakness, chemical imbalance that is going on in the body, and so on. There is also environmental stress which is an extrinsic factor.

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