The Causes of Wheezing Sound when You Breathe

Saturday, June 1st 2013. | Respiratory Disease

What causes wheezing | You may have experienced wheezing. You know that it is really disturbing and makes you feel so uncomfortable. There are some possible causes that make your breathe noisy. If you wheeze, you may have allergies or respiratory illness. If you wheeze, you should be careful with your environment and you should see the doctor soon or it will get worse. You need medical help. Maybe your doctor will give you some medicines. But, actually you can take the traditional medicine also. That will be better for your body since there will not be any chemical substance in it. So, in this article, I will discuss some of the possible causes of wheezing and the traditional medicine or herbs that you can use to cure your hard breathing.

The Causes of Wheezing

Wheezing occurs when your respiratory track such as bronchus is narrowed. That is the basic reason of what causes wheezing. The narrowed air flow track makes the air flow blocked. It makes you hard to take the oxygen from the air also. Then, the possible causes are the respiratory illness such as asthma and acute bronchitis. You must be suffering to breathe when you get this illness.

what causes wheezing

Asthma makes your respiratory narrowed and the air will not go and out well. Then, the acute bronchitis, it makes the bronchus blocked by mucus that contains of many virus or bacteria. That will be very depressing. If you get stressed, the symptom may be increased. So, it is better if you are relaxed, take breaths slowly. That will help you to breathe normally again.

The Traditional Medicine Treatment

There are many ways to cure the wheezing. Some people say that going to the beach and take deep breathe on the beach can cure your wheezing symptom. The salty and fresh air there is really relaxing and refreshing. That is what you need when you have wheezing symptom. Then, one herb that can reduce the wheezing symptom is garlic. You can consume it by adding it to the cooking you eat everyday.

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