The Causes of Throat Cancer and the Way to Treat It

Monday, July 8th 2013. | Cancer

Causes of throat cancer are mostly happened by the bad and wrong life habits. This is undeniable that a wrong life habit will always leads to the health problems and one of those effect is throat cancer. A throat cancer can be defined as a health problem which occurs in your throat and this is caused by the existence of tumor cell. The tumor cell which exists in your throat is already harmful so this is called as cancer. Specifically, the cancer may attack your vocal cords, your larynx, or the other part of your throat. Which is why such kind of condition leads you to some symptoms and those are such as the high-pitched breathing sound, cough, bloody cough, the problem in swallowing, long term hoarseness which last more than 2 weeks, neck pain, sore throat more than 2 weeks, swelling lumps on your neck and also the drastic weight loss.

 The main causes of throat cancer

Such kind of symptoms may be leaded by the causes of throat cancer which are mostly dominated by the wrong way of life and those are such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Both the single habit and the combination of those two habit may lead you to the risk of cancer in your throat. This kind of health problem commonly happens to adult over 50 years old and men are likely to be more risky in getting injured by this kind of disease for about ten times.

causes of throat cancer

 The way to treat it

As well as the other kind of cancer, the throat cancer will also be treated by both consuming medicines and also surgical treatment. However, those treatments will be depended on the condition of the cancer itself. If the cancer is small, then surgery or radiation therapy will be just enough but when it has already large, then it needs to be treated with the combination of radiation and chemotherapy. It is better for you to avoid the cause of throat cancer right from today since the consequences are so clear.

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