Causes of Anemia in Children

Monday, December 30th 2013. | General Health

There are many things that can be the causes of anemia in children. One of them is having not enough red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells or hemoglobin is something you cannot ignore. It has crucial play in your body to distribute oxygen. If the body tissue gets less oxygen, it won’t work properly as it should be. If it happens in long term, the organs cannot work less and less, and in the end, it may be broken quickly.

 How can your children get anemia?

Causes of anemia can be varied. But, the most common thing that leads anemia in children is the lack of iron in their body. Actually, the body gets iron from the used red blood cells. But that is not enough to suffice the needs of iron in the body. So, to complete the body needs, a person must eat food that contains iron like salmon or spinach. Babies and children may not reuse and absorb the iron well because their organs are not ready. That is why, children are likely to have iron deficiency and anemia. Besides, the consumption of cow’s milk worsens it all. Cow’s milk contains less iron than any other foods and children tend to drink it more than once a day. The fat is also bad because it will hold the body to absorb the iron from any other foods.

causes of anemia Do your children have these symptoms?

After knowing the causes of the anemia, let’s find out whether your children has anemia or not by checking these anemia symptoms. Do they have:

  • Very pale face and skin color?
  • Blue tinged eyes?
  • Sudden fatigue?
  • Pale eyes?
  • Headache?
  • Sore throat?
  • Sore tongue?
  • Difficulty in breathing?
  • Brittle nails?
  • Less appetite?

If you find your children having almost all of the symptoms, call your pediatric and make sure your children get the immediate treatment.

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